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Our Vision

A family business that operates in an honest and ethical manner, which prides itself on being the clients choice in providing the highest level of quality and customer service.

Our Mission

To deliver quality cleaning service solutions in partnership with our clients

Our Approach

  • To provide our clients with the highest quality cleaning services, ensuring they are delivered in a safe, professional, considerate and harmonious manner
  • To ensure a safe and secure working environment for our employees and monitor the safety of our operations
  • To carry out all activities in a sustainable and environmentally conscientious manner


The City West mind-set is all about being open to new ideas. We are always challenging the old way of doing things and don’t confine our approach to innovations to any one area, but rather to the whole service we provide; this entails thinking innovatively about how we liaise with our clients, our cleaning methodologies, the products we use, and the technology and equipment that support us. We hold a quarterly Innovation Committee Meeting, where we invite our core preferred suppliers to visit our office and present new innovations in products and technology



Labour Tracking Technology
Eco-friendly Products
Auditing Tool 
Time & Attendance System




Innovation Committee Meetings
Commitment to CSR Projects
Continuous Improvement
Chemical-free Cleaning



Unique efficiency model
BICSc productivity analysis
In-house periodics teams
Flat management structure

  • UKAS-ISO-14001-205099
  • UKAS-ISO-9001-206517
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